How many servings will you need?

1 Apr

Requests for my cakes usually go like this: “I want to order a cake for a birthday, how much will it cost?” Well,  this is a loaded question. Why? Well, because there is not set price for a standard cake. First off, our cakes at Sugar-SugarCakes.Com are never standard. We are a custom cake boutique so you will not get a standard “sheet cake” or simple round cake with plastic figurines. The only thing plastic here is… um, well…,  no matter, that’s a story for another day!  So when I get a special request for a specific design, my question after “do you want fondant or buttercream?”, is the: “Is there a special design that you want?” And, finally,  “how many servings do you need?”  Therein lies the tricky question.

Servings come in all shapes and sizes. If you have a family that is not particularly into sweets, well then you can figure that a 6″ cake will feed 10 people.  If, however, you are Cuban or really enjoy cake, then you can figure that said little 6 inch cake will feed grandma Tina (my mom) and maybe my husband.  Both love cake – a lot!  Add to this the question of whether it’s a birthday cake or a wedding cake and given the sad fact that wedding cake servings are nearly see through, and birthday cake servings are a lot healthier (and by that I mean big), well, you can see the conundrum.

So in an effort to clarify the servings question, I am providing some serving charts that just may help clear up the confusion – or could create more confusion, I don’t know.

Here is a wedding serving chart by  Keep in mind that wedding slices are calculated to be thin (1/2 – 1 inch and I’ve seen thinner), so if you have a big family that likes cake, well, then you may just need to order a little extra!  Also, if you want to keep that top-tier for your anniversary, well, then that’s another thing to consider.  See how this can get confusing?


wedding servings


Next is a more realistic serving chart for all occasions.  This is by MauiWeddingcakes.Com and it really shows you the difference between the smaller “traditional” wedding cake slices (above) and a more hearty cake slice (below).


birthday cake sizes


As you can see, cutting also has an impact on how many servings you can get out of a cake.

Now this is how I cut my cakes, and how serving sizes are actually determined.  Personally, on any cake 8″  and over I cut a circle inside the cake and that way the outside slices are more rectangular in shape and you can get a few more slices from the cake without them being paper-thin slices!  For an example of what I mean, refer to the drawing below!  This chart by,  demonstrates how best to cut your cake, where you get the most out of it, while still not depriving your guests of the delicious sweetness!  This particular cutting example works well with cakes 8-12″.  The larger the cake the more “inner circles” you may wish to cut.

cake cutting guide

Again, you know your guests and family best.  There will always be a few that don’t like cake (really?)  or those that are on some ridiculous diet that deprives them of eating cake – whatever!  But you will ALWAYS have a grandma Tina or an Uncle Joe that eats more than 1 and often  more than 2 slices (and takes some home for later)!  Hope you find this helpful.  Now go eat some cake!



Freebie Fridays!

28 Mar

I follow some pretty fabulous bloggers and I love what I find!  Today, I came across this little freebie from the creative geniuses at Piggy Bank Parties.  I especially loved it because I can be a little “irregular” and I have a few freaky “irregulars” in my circle of loved ones that I immediately thought of when I saw this one!  Click here to download your free sign and feel free to share your uniqueness with pride!  


Longing for Spring? Oh how I long for lovely crisp spring days. Yes, I know that technically it is Spring (at least that is what the calendar says), it certainly doesn’t feel like it. I can’t wait for beautiful long sunny days, blooming dogwoods, and beautiful green grass! Anyway, I digress… the purpose of this blog was not to depress anyone that is still in the throes of Mother Nature’s midlife crisis. Nope! The purpose is to bring you some cheery, sunny, goodness that will brighten your day, whether it’s sunny or not. So here are a few downloadable freebies to help herald Spring (and possibly hurry it up a little).

The creative minds at She’s Kinda Crafty bring us these sunny, adorable cupcake picks to brighten your day!

And finally, from I Heart Naptime, a burst of sunshine in the form of the cutest little tag ever! Click here to get yours now!

Now that I’ve got all this cute stuff…. Where is the sun?

Hello again!

28 Mar

I know it’s been a while (okay a long while) since I have posted something on the blog. And it’s not because I have nothing to say. Trust me, I always have plenty to say but I have just been crazy busy baking and making! My absence, although lengthy was worth the wait! Why, you ask? Well because I am coming back with a vengeance and more importantly with a fabulous giveaway (cha-ching)! Sugar Sugar Cake Designs, along with some other fabulous bloggers and party peeps are sponsoring a huge cash giveaway to top all giveaways in the past! Can you use some cold hard cash? Well if you’re looking to win some nice vacation or shoe money, here’s your chance. Keep reading and you will see just how easy it is to enter. Good luck!


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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here We Are!

28 May

Here We Are!.

Say Cheese! A Giveaway That’s Sure to Put a Big Smile on Your Face.

28 May

Say Cheese! A Giveaway That's Sure to Put a Big Smile on Your Face..

Say Cheese! A Giveaway That’s Sure to Put a Big Smile on Your Face.

28 May

Say Cheese! A Giveaway That's Sure to Put a Big Smile on Your Face..


16 May